Help Me Heal Sick Kids!
Donate to Extra Life today and 100% of the proceeds will go to Boston Children’s Hospital to support their efforts to eradicate childhood illnesses and cancers.

Extra Life 2014

Extra Life is a 24-hour gaming marathon where thousands of participants raise millions of dollars for their chosen Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. Visit to find a gaming marathon near you or to register to raise money for your own local CMN Hospital.

I am

writer – healer – artist – maker – activist – geek – crazy person

and this is my haven.

I’ve been told I’m an overachiever. I’m simply a girl of many talents. The bottom line is I create things that I hope other people will love, share, and learn from. I’m a bard, in the truest sense: I write, sing, tell stories, craft art, and make a little magic while I’m at it – all while offering my services to others in the hopes of spreading a little happiness.

Simply put: I tell stories to make friends. Let’s see if it works.