Googly Eyes (>_>)

I am such a slacker. I know this. And that, added to the fact that I worked way more hours than my body can handle this weekend, means I’m a bit reluctant to do anything productive at the moment.

However, sitting on my couch and blogging doesn’t require physical activity (like my job does), so I’ll stop ignoring Dear Aradia and get to fucking work.

I’ve got a crapton of PBP posts to catch up on, so I won’t even bother talking about that. I could talk about what I’ve been doing lately, but let’s be serious. It ain’t much.

On the Good News, Everyone! front, Fiance and I were approved for a very cool apartment downtown. We’ve got our very own private outdoor space too, which makes the hippie in me super happy. I’m already picturing all the pots and planters and garden beds I’ll have. I’m sure, in my lover’s sleep, he’s cringing. Anyway, we move May 1st, which is a really sucky time to move since the fair is 12 days afterwards. I really really really need to get to work on that… Continue reading